Secteurs d'activité : Defense, Homeland Security, Safety, and Transports.
Marchés : Capteurs, Détection, Équipements & produits finis, Ingénierie & Services, Protection, Surveillance, and Télécom / SSI.

Merio is a French company specialized in UAV payload systems. We propose a range of Multi Sensor Gyro Stabilized Gimbals of less than 10 kg. We also purpose the design of custom-made gimbals. Our pole R*D works permanently on competitive and innovative solutions. Merio obtained the status of French Young Innovative Company since 2015.

The standard range of products,  completed by a range of accessories and features, consists of 3 Gyro Stabilized Gimbals :
– 2 gimbals of less of 1.2 kg with E/O and IR sensors (XENDER & NEXIUS)
TEMIS – 1 new range of gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 800 gr. with custom sensors :  Daylight camera, IR sensors and laser.

Our french company leans on a business expertise in mechanics, electronics and embedded software – as well as an expertise sector – military UAV application and supervision of sensitive sites.

We collaborate with :

  • The manufacturers of ground, air and maritime carriers in the military sector (drones, autogyre, aircraft, helicopter, airships).
  • The manufacturers of drones and autogyres for applications of supervision of sensitive sites


A-NSE, LG CNS, Pergam, Swissdrones, Paramount technologies, Partnership with Thales Optronique SA for the co-development of a payload high quality for Spy' Ranger project...


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