Secteurs d'activité : Energy and Safety.

ID+ has specialized in telecoms know-how for many years. Our skills are :design, engineering, development and distribution of telecoms and video-suveillance products .

With our innovative video system named “DANI” : Autonomous Mobile Imaging Device , we offer the use of an interactive platform through specific video software that enables to see , live or pre-recorded monitoring of the site where the camera is situated .

In collaboration with our telecom partners ,some of whom are internationally recognized , DANI product was fully designed by ID+.

The device will soon be available with a metal hydride fuel cell , which provides a battery life of more than 10 days.

It is used by: police forces, local authorities, motorways and railway networks , industrial sites.

Our regular customers are: Local Police in La Chapelle de Guinchay (Rhône Alpes),Gendarmerie Investigation Unit of Saône et Loire (Burgundy), Louhans (Burgundy),Bordeaux, Murs-Gelignieux town hall (Rhône Alpes) , Crèches-sur-Saône town hall (Burgundy),APRR motorway network (Paris-Rhine-Rhône motorway network, Patent for traffic management), ESCOTA (South-East of France motorway network), Parc Asterix (theme park ,North of Paris).

In 2010 ID+ received a prize (ARTINOV) for technological innovation by the Regional Chamber of Trades for its product DANI. We have also been recognized as an” innovative company” by OSEO (French Public Institution).


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Contact: Mr L-Philippe BARBE

418, route de Fouillouzan

Phone: +33 4 74 82 43 60
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