Secteurs d'activité : Defense and Safety.
Marchés : Équipements Individuels.

Wildsteer is a French company founded in 2005 and specialised in Outdoor, Survival and Tactical Knives.

All the knives are produced in France in Thiers and St Etienne which are centers of competences in this field.

Products are co-designed with Special units, army and Law-enforcment units, in order to meet very demanding needs. Wildsteer knifes are unique in robustness, sharpness and ergonomy, and are associated with very verstile sheath, that can be adapted in every configuration, on the Chest Webbing, plates, in the back.

The Wildsteer range is composed of fixed blade knives, of which the forged Wild-Tactic with its 30 years warranty against breakage, patented folding knives, survival machetes, and accessories that allows heavy duty multifunctionnal use on the field.

Wildsteer operates in Germany, Italy, the U.S. and Russia with the objective to develop its Tactical range. The Strategy is to develop as well in all potential countries;

Wildsteer joined the EDEN Cluster in 2013 with the objective to accelerate its develoment in this field.

The knive market is extremely competitive and Wildsteer differenciates  thanks to its high quality innovation, excellent reactivity in development, and very tight cost base.


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Contact: Mr Edouard de Buyer-Mimeure
ZA Charles Chana, 10 rue des Haveuses
42230 Roche-La-Molière, France
Phone: +33 6 86 49 40 63
Fax: +33 4 28 04 05 56
Email: wildsteer@gmail.com