Secteurs d'activité : Defense.
Marchés : Équipements & produits finis and Ingénierie & Services.

VSM (Visualisation Simulation Modélisation) is a  25 years old family SME specialised in real time simulation for civil and military aircrafts.

VSM achieves trainers which are used for training and also tactical training (Training Center in ISTRES) :

  • Military aircraft trainer
  • Light Helicopter Trainer
  • Trainer for SAR crews (pilot + hoist operator + gunner)
  • Trainer for civil area (offshore area, SAGOD project…)

VSM is one of the main stakeholders in visual systems for simulators (dome visual, projected visual). It develops its own real time simulation software from standard softwares.

It designs and achieves full cabin simulator or trainer (FENNEC, Super Puma, Tiger, Ecureuil, Mirage 2000) with equipment (simulated cockpits) and data bases with animated characters and shadows.


Contact us

Contact: Mr Jean BENOIT
1 Lotissement les Amandiers
13330 PELISSANNE, France
Phone: +33 6 73 98 05 58
Email: benoit@vsm.fr