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SUNAERO is the World leader – manufacturers and users approved – in aircraft leak detection, fuel leak repair and structural repair in the aircraft industry.

SUNAERO offers aircraft operators a global and innovative concept to dramatically reduce the time spent searching for leaks and curing sealants, paints and composites, canopies/windshields and various areas where sealants and adhesives are in use.

All the products under US Air Force Wide approval & authorization for the use for all levels of aircraft maintenance, aircraft fuel systems, avionics, structural maintenance, canopies/windshields and various areas where sealants and adhesives, electro-environmental, gaseous & hydro mechanical principles are in use.

The patented technologies developed by the Company allow an aircraft having a fuel leak to be repaired, in 8 hours or less, using the following processes:

  • Leak detection using helium as a tracer gas (helium or hydrogen)
  • Rapid desealing using a safe pneumatic hand tool that will not scratch the structure of the aircraft
  • Rapid curing using a 28Vdc Thermoreactor for the polymerization of sealants, paints and composites
  • Repair verification using helium pressurization of the tank, before refueling.

All these technologies are certified to operate in hazardous atmospheres and perfectly fitted to emergency situations in remote locations, in productions environments for the commercial as well as military aircraft.

SUNAERO products are certified to operate safely in hazardous atmospheres (Class 1 – Div 1). The equipment was designed for urgent leak repair situations, in remote locations for commercial and military aircraft. Additionally, aircraft production processes are greatly improved by reducing cost and man-hours. The products are dedicated to time and money saving processes for aircraft maintenance.

Current customers are aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Northrop Grumman, etc.), as well as numerous MRO, Airlines and Air Forces, around the world.


US Air Force, French Air Force, Air France Industrie, Lufthansa Technic, ...




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