Secteurs d'activité : Defense.
Marchés : Équipements matériels.

SOLARMTEX started in 1993 in the Center of France. Since its creation SOLARMTEX has specialized in the design and manufacturing of specific textile products for military and defense industries. Our know-how allows us to meet a highly demanding clientele operating mostly on international markets. We bring our customers a real value added through several key values: reactivity, flexibility and reliability. The best known military equipment manufacturers have put their trust in SOLARMTEX to equip their new products and ensure their maintenance in operational condition.

Main products:

Military vehicle equipment: specific bags, seat covers, tarpaulins, straps and nets, high frequency shielding,  weapon and missile launcher special covers.

Hard-wall and Soft-wall shelter equipment: insulating and camo tarpaulins, security curtains, telecommunication covers, technical masts and antennas protections.

Amunition and large caliber  features: small size parachutes for mortar bombs, flairs and signaling fuses, bag charges, straps and specific bags.

Troops equipment: specific bags for tactical equipment: telecommunication, Nrbc, respiratory. Weapons and munitions pouches.



Contact us

Contact: M. Yann ILACQUA
4 rue Célestin Gérard
18100 VIERZON, France
Phone: +33 2 48 71 15 36
Fax. +33 2 48 71 96 81