Secteurs d'activité : Defense.

SOFRESUD is a high-tech SME that designs, develops, installs and maintains innovative operational systems of Defense Naval and Maritime Security.

SOFRESUD is the first level subcontractor of Quick Pointing Device (QPD) target designation system. This internationally patented system has been selected by the navies of major countries like France, Italy, UK, Norway, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and more recently Malaysia. The QPD designed to be operated manually through a reflex action, QPD is the last ditch of defense against air threat and asymmetrical surface threat.

Quick Pointing Device » is an essential element of self-defense as a visual detection complement to automatic radar and infrared targeting systems. QPD provides weapon systems with the angular co-ordinates of incoming threats in few seconds. QPD is a Commercial off the Shelf equipment and is in use in many major navies.

Over the past ten years, SOFRESUD has developed a proactive research and development approach investing nearly a quarter of its turnover to create innovative concepts and systems, particularly in the field of maritime security. SOFRESUD has been chosen by the European Commission, the ADEME (National’s Future Investments) and also the National Research Agency for collaborative applied research projects such as:

  • SARGOS, a Global Alert and Graded Response System developed to secure offshore assets against invasive and suspicious behavior from the sea
  • AUTOPROTECTION, a common project integrated non lethal defense equipment and global supervision for self protection of merchant ship against piracy
  • I2C and PERSEUS, which offers a new generation of innovative sea border surveillance end to end systems integrating key existing and in development capacities to track all vessel movements and activities in order to early identify and report on EUROSUR threats (clandestine immigration, law enforcement, illegal fishing, terrorism…) based on abnormal vessel behavior detection

SOFRESUD is ISO 9001- v2008 certified with scope: “Design, construction and operational maintenance of complex technical systems – Management Programs.”

SOFRESUD is composed of 18 people with multidisciplinary skills with a total turnover excluding tax of € 2.5 million achieved for more than 60% abroad.


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