Secteurs d'activité : Defense, Homeland Security, Railway Sector, Safety, and Transports.
Marchés : Capteurs, Détection, Guidage, Ingénierie & Services, Navigation, Protection, Surveillance, and Systèmes mécatroniques.

SensUp is an innovative SME based in Rennes, Brittany (West of France). We design, manufacture and commercialize OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) electro-optical systems based on laser technology.

Our main products – OEM laser rangefinders and 3D laser scanning systems (LIDAR) – are used for medium and long range distance measurement, obstacle detection and enhanced navigation.

Our subsystems are integrated in land, airborne and naval/maritime embedded solutions.

The compromise between compactness / strong power / lightweight of our systems allows us to fit the “S.W.A.P” requirements of the integrators while remaining competitive.


Contact us

Contact: Mr Nicolas Picard
11, rue du clos courtel
35700 Rennes, France
Phone: +33 2 99 54 89 78