Secteurs d'activité : Defense, Energy, Safety, and Transports.

ProbaYes, founded in 2003 after researches on probabilistic reasoning conducted in Grenoble is a spin-off of the French labs INRIA and CNRS. With its 28 employees, the company provides decision making support systems based on data analysis. ProbaYes is involved in a wide range of industrial applications developed using proprietary software tools (ProBT Library™, acquisition, structuring and data mining ProLab system, modeling and 3D simulation Pmm system). These areas include the detection of credit card fraud, the optimization of heating energy (BATISENSE), the diagnosis of machines, the forecasting and optimization in logistics. In the field of Defense, these techniques have been used by DCNS under the MOCA project, by MBDA under the ITP GUSD project (Innovation Award 2013 MCM ITP) and by ACOEM. The technical team of ProbaYes includes a high proportion of PhDs, of development engineers and experienced project managers, able to satisfy all the needs of its clients, from the analysis of their needs up to the development of efficient and reliable applications.


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