Secteurs d'activité : Defense, Energy, Health, Homeland Security, Safety, and Transports.
Marchés : Équipements & produits finis, Équipements Individuels, Équipements matériels, and Protection.

Ouvry specializes in body and respiratory personal protective system and offers innovative products designed for all intervention operators: soldiers and law enforcement, fire-fighters and emergency services, first-responders, civil defense, medical, industry and critical infrastructures.

Ouvry designs and manufactures made in France products focusing on answering constantly changing needs. Being a leader rather than a follower, integrating innovative components jointly designed with partners of its own business ecosystem: these values are part of the very DNA of OUVRY, which will be celebrating its 15th anniversary next year.

CBRN air permeable protective suits and O’C50® respiratory mask are Ouvry key products. Its offer also includes decontamination and disinfectant solutions intended for people in contact with toxics or for small equipment and contaminated confined spaces.

  • Emergency kit: the protection and immediate decontamination kit is composed of a NH15 escape hood, new DEC’POL® decontamination mitt and CBRN butyl protective gloves. It is perfectly adapted to close protection services and security staff.
  • Intervention kit: this kit contains a Polycombi® suit, O’C50® mask, and other CBRN accessories, including containment bag.
  • Casualty transport bag: composed of a flexible material impermeable to CBRN agents, the casualty transport bag enables fast extraction of the contaminated staff to a clean area, and avoids cross contamination (car, helicopter, ambulance, etc.)
  • DES’DEC® : the detergent, disinfectant, deodorizer and decontaminating formulation is active regardless of the material or surface involved. Noncorrosive, it it can be used on sensitive materials such as electronic equipment or weapons. It can be applied with foamer, sprayer, aerosol dispenser system, or in liquid form. On top of that, Ouvry offers a decontamination kit where this formulation comes with a nebulizer and instructions for use.
  • Services, training and maintenance are also available.


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Contact : Mr Ludovic OUVRY
24 avenue Joannès MASSET
69009 LYON, France
Phone +33 4 86 11 32 02
Email : info@ouvry.com

Ouvry NRBC Pilote OUVRY 06 20150294_O C50 avec visiere teintee et TFI Jean-Yves Le Drian et Ludovic Ouvry