Secteurs d'activité : Defense and Transports.

Main Activity:

LGM Group is intended to provide to its clients, leading industrial groups, managers and contractors, a global solution in regard to development, production and use of their hi-tech systems.


Through the 5 entities which compose it, LGM Group offers its clients a wide range of solutions.

Its versatile and complementary skills allow the group a far-reaching of turn-key studies to methodological expertise, and global industrial project management.

LGM offers its clients a global approach in management, conception, development, implementation and operational maintenance of complex high-tech systems:

  • Program management
  • RAMS studies and Risk Management
  • Logistic support and operational maintenance
  • Electronics, software and mechanical engineering


DGA, Dassault, DCNS, Nexter Systems, OTAN, ACSI, Thalès, Safran, Renault Trucks Défense


ISO 9001


Contact us

Contact : Mr Laurent Duclos
41, quai Fulchiron
69005 Lyon, France
Phone +33 4 78 38 45 00
Fax. +33 4 78 38 45 01
Mail : laurent.duclos@lgm.fr