Secteurs d'activité : Cybersécurité, Cybersecurity, Defense, Homeland Security, and Safety.
Marchés : Cybersécurité, Détection, Ingénierie & Services, Protection, and Surveillance.

Since 2012, aleph-networks have developed and sold two innovative technologies to collect, process, visualise, and anonymise data: GrayMatter and SafetyGate.

SafetyGate is a distributed network (P2P) technology that addresses the risks of transmitting sensitive information.

GrayMatter technology indexes and structures very large volumes of data. It can process all kinds of data in any format, no matter the source (Dark Web, Deep Web, OSINT, etc.), and structure them according to business consultation criteria.

Aleph-networks are now the leading French expert in the Deep & Dark Webs.


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aleph-networks, 45 rue d’Alma – 69400 Villefranche-sur-Saône