Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Since 2004, the Cher CCI has been supporting the development and structuring of corporate networks through its Clustering leadership initiative known as “Mise en grappes ®”.

In January 2012, the Defence Minister and the DGA were involved in promoting support for the export activities of SMEs in the Defence sector.

The performance of clusters such as the Rhône-Alpes EDEN, collectively supporting and organising SMEs in their export activities was then strongly emphasised.

The principle of a spin-off from the Rhône-Alpes EDEN, in the image of the Brittany EDEN, was thus born in the Central France Region.

In March 2012, the Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry suggested a meeting between all the companies in the Central region of the Defence industry and the members of the Rhône-Alpes EDEN.

The companies present decided to found the Central Region EDEN, with the support of EDEN and the Cher CCI.

The Cher CCI continues its commitment to the companies by housing and organising the Central EDEN (Mise en grappes ®).

CCI du cher